FIT Corea and KAMICO Extend Congratulations to DA-PhilMech on its 45th Anniversary

Pres. Kim of Fit-Corea and KAMICO visited DA-Philmech to extend their congratulations on the occasion of their anniversary celebration. The partnership between the two entities, which began in 2016, has been highly productive, resulting in significant advancements in the agricultural sector.



During their visit, both Pres. Kim of Fit-Corea and KAMICO expressed their appreciation for the successful collaboration and notable achievements that have resulted from their partnership with DA-Philmech.



Pres. Kim of Fit-Corea, KAMICO, and DA-Philmech reiterated their enthusiasm and eagerness to continue working together. They eagerly anticipate engaging in more collaborative projects and developing initiatives that effectively address the evolving needs of farmers. Their shared objective is to contribute to the overall growth and development of the agricultural sector.



This visit by Pres. Kim of Fit-Corea, KAMICO, and DA-Philmech for the anniversary celebration served as a testament to the strong bond and shared commitment between the organizations. It celebrated past achievements while reaffirming their dedication to ongoing collaboration and success in advancing the agricultural landscape.