A sensory evaluation of corn grits produced using PHilMech-KAMICO Corn Mill technology was conducted in Impasugong, Bukidnon on April 20, 2022. Forty-one individuals (31 males and 10 females) assessed the aroma, appearance, texture, and flavor of the cooked white corn grits. This activity is conducted under the COVID-response project, Pilot Adaptation of the PHilMech-KAMICO Designed Corn Mill for Village Level Operation led by Engr. Donald V. Mateo of the Agricultural Mechanization Division. The upland regions of Mindanao have the most area planted to corn, and the highest production in the Philippines. Corn is also grown in the rain fed lowlands, where it is planted during the dry season after the rice crop has been harvested. PhilMech’s financial analysis indicates that at Php950, 000 total investment cost for the corn mill and the shed for the machine, the estimated total cost of milling is 0.88/kg output. This fee is very much lower compared with the prevailing milling fee in the market of 3.10 to 4.70 per kilogram output. Internal rate of return on investment is estimated at 79.81%. The lifespan of the corn mill is 10 years and the total annual operating time is 600 hours. With product recovery of 66-71% and germinator efficiency of 82-88%, the technology has fully satisfied the Philippine agricultural engineering standard for corn mill, which is set at 64% minimum product recovery and 80% germinator efficiency.