Agrilink 2022

27th International Agribusiness Exhibition and Seminars, or AGRILINK 2022, is one of the main highlights of the year’s agricultural exhibition. People from other parts of the Philippines attended, participated, and enjoyed the 3-day event. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, AGRILINK was postponed for two years and continued this year.


This year’s theme was focused on “Inclusive Growth in Agribusiness Chain: Key to Stability” and the focus on having high-value crops in region 13. Together with Korean Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative(KAMICO), FIT Corea’s Korean pavilion is one of the largest pavilions along with the Philippine Seed Industry Association.


Region 13, also known as CARAGA Region is a region in the Philippines, located in the North-eastern part of Mindanao. CARAGA has one of the most promising crops produced like cacao, coffee, and abaca because of its suitability for growing in that region. Because of it CARAGA Region stands in 2nd place, next to Davao in terms of growing cacao in the Philippines, and fourth in abaca production in 2019.


Korean Pavilion is filled with great agricultural pieces of machinery that are made in South Korea, ranging from Rice milling machines to farming tractors and implements. AGRILINK 2022 is much different from older AGRLINKs because it was made more visible and accessible through social media and online advertisements. The Korean pavilion has a lot of give away; like foldable fans, tumblers, masks, shirts, and many more.


Despite two years of postponement, people still went and loved the AGRILINK 2022. With health as the number one priority, the booths and pavilions still showcased their agribusiness products, technologies, and information to the general public. We, FIT Corea, are hoping to see you all on AGRILINK 2023!